Spanish teacher online (from Spain)


Hallo. I am Leonor from Madrid (Spain). I have taught Spanish for more than 10 years and I am looking for students who want to learn this marvellous language that speak more than 500 million people!


I am a qualified and experienced teacher and I also am certified as a DELE examiner. In fact all the students I prepared for DELE exam succeeded in 100% of the cases.

I also have prepared students to face up to any kind of situations as job interviews, oral speeches, Bullats certification (now called “Language cert”) and some other stressful moments. 

In case you are thinking of living in Spain, thanks to my training and experience with expat people I also can train you in intercultural differences so you will feel much more comfortable living and working in Spain.

Do you want to know more about me? Please, email me or visit my Linkedin profile /leonorbautista/. You can also visit my personal web.

Thank you for reading me!

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