Fußballverein gesucht  von  Stephan am 26.10.1201:00:50
Ich bin Stephan, 24 Jahre alt und suche in Barcelona einen Fußballverein, bei dem ich mich ein wenig fit halten kann. Wer Kontakte hat oder interesse kann sich gerne bei mir melden. Habe mal ein bisschen höher in Deutschland gespielt.

Viele Grüße

  • Kommentar von Wu4EbafX am 02.04.1419:11:14

    Fußballverein gesucht

    The project sodnus great since I live across the street, my only concern is parking. Its going to become much more congested, given that there is only one parking spot provided per house. Is there any chance the city will move forward with the plan to make the 100 block of W Fort a one-way street? Thus allowing for diagonal parking? This at least would compensate for the 20 or so extra cars that will now be parking on the street.
  • Kommentar von SJilMlYKIX2C am 03.04.1403:57:43

    Fußballverein gesucht

    Go to his link, and read his stuff. He actually talks about tihiknng too much and has methods on how to turn down a hyperactive brain and not think to much. I just started viewing his videos yesterday and tried his simple techniques last night, and I can say it did help me relax, especially, in making amends with a girl where things went wrong, and then having the confidence to chat up her very attractive girlfriends afterwards. I felt that my confidence was up 400 percent above normal.
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